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Posted on December 4, 2011 by

As you may have noticed, TheTechUpload has made two valuable additions to the team this week, Jason Chen and Amanda Ciccone, both of whom have joined as contributors.  Both are Binghamton University alums, like me and share a passion for technology within their respective fields.

Jason graduated Binghamton in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science with a concentration in Economics.  When he isn’t out trying to save the planet, he’s trolling the web for the latest in tech so you can read all about it here.

Amanda also graduated from Binghamton in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a specialization in Financial Economics.  She’s currently a law student at University at Buffalo Law School and when she isn’t busy fulfilling her duties as the mayor of the law library, she spends some time giving us a legal perspective on the tech and social media world.

I hope you are as excited as I am about these stellar additions to our staff here at TheTechUpload and as we continue to grow and change the way technology and social media is reported on the web, likewise you will continue to see more great additions to our team.  Welcome to the team, Jason and Amanda!

Jason Chen     Contributor

I’m sort of an unconventional technologist. I graduated Binghamton University with an Environmental Science Degree, concentrating in Economics. I’ve always read about and discovered new technology and I’m excited about the opportunity to share my experiences with you. Through TheTechUpload, I can continue to discover new technology and share my love of technology to those with similar interests. With my knowledge and childlike curiosity of electronics and the environment, I’ll be able to provide a unique perspective on technology’s impact on our digital world. Technology drives our society today, and from my point of view, there’s always something better or something to improve upon. Join me on this TechUpload journey!

Amanda Ciccone     Contributor


We all interact with technology every day, even first year law students like me! I believe the law is an invigorating field of study and the relationship the law shares with the latest cutting-edge technologies is utterly fascinating. Through TheTechUpload, I will share some of my thoughts about the various ways technology interacts with the law and other legal entities.

Justin Gianninoto, Founder, is an experienced digital strategist and creative thinker. He leverages a unique combination of business insight and technical knowledge to advance clients’ strategic goals. Having a deep knowledge of current trends, platforms and technologies, he effectively positions clients' messaging in front of key audiences. He is active in the digital community, having been selected as a member of the inaugural Summer Startup Accelerator program at General Assembly, a global network of campuses focused on technology, design and business. He continues to pursue his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, staying connected with General Assembly as a teaching assistant, helping students develop technical skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress. He graduated from Binghamton University’s School of Management Fast-Track MBA program, receiving his Masters in Business Administration with dual concentrations in Marketing and Management Information Systems, and his Bachelor of Arts in English, General Literature and Rhetoric.

  • Amanda Ciccone

    What a nice article Justin! I am glad to be a part ofTheTechUpload Team and sincerely look forward to writing for our followers! Maybe I can even show some people that the law is not so boring after all, especially when it is intertwined with the wonderful world of technology and social media!

  • Justin Gianninoto

    I wish I could "like" your comment. Whoever is in charge here should really think about adding that!

  • Jason Chen

    Damn i was thinking of liking your comment as well!