Look out HP, Vizio May Be the New Kid On the Block

Posted on January 8, 2012 by

Remember when Vizio only made HDTVs at a very low price?Well in the beginning of last year, Vizio announced that they would be makingtablets and mobile phones, both of which would be aggressively priced.  The world got a glimpse of both tablets andmobile phones at last year’s International Consumer Electronics Show. So while the phone is still not yet released, the tablet is. Whatbig news will come from Vizio at CES this year?

Vizio’s Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae toldBloomberg in an interview that Vizio will be introducing two desktopall-in-ones, as well as three notebooks at the upcoming CES.  As with all of the other Vizio products, thefocus on these 5 upcoming products will be their pricing. Thepricing, he said, “[doesn't] seem possible.” Additionally these products, he promised, will be available forconsumer purchase by June.

The All-In-One models are expected to boast a 24- and a 27-inch screen. The laptops, on the other hand, will be a 14-inch Thin + LightNotebook, 15.6-inch Thin + Light Notebook and a 15.6-inch Notebook.  That’s 2 ultrabooks (ultra-thin notebooks,think Apple’s Macbook Air)!  All of thesewill also include a universal infrared control built-in, to be able to connectto your HDTVs!

What do you think of Vizio’s next endeavor?

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