Apple Files Another Product Design Lawsuit Against Samsung

Posted on January 18, 2012 by

Well, Apple and Samsung are at it again! No surprises there, the two companies have been suing and counter-suing one another like crazy. This time, Apple filed suit in the Düsseldorf Regional Court in Germany, seeking a ban on 10 of Samsung’s smartphones. The ban is aimed at Samsung’s Galaxy product line, particularly the Galaxy S Plus and the Galaxy S II.

Meanwhile, Apple also filed suit regarding 5 of Samsung’s tablets. This certainly adds to the tablet war that already exists between Apple and Samsung. Back in September, the German courts granted Apple’s injunction against Samsung to ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 because the tablet looked too much like the iPad. The ban was then lifted after Samsung refined the appearance of the tablet to create the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Of course Apple tried to get that tablet banned as well, but Samsung was no longer in violation of Apple’s iPad product design, according to the judges’ preliminary ruling back in December.

Neither the smartphone nor the tablet case is filed under emergency proceedings, as reported by bloomberg. The fact that there’s no rush, as there was back in December, is probably attributed to the close of the holiday season. Thus, the smartphone case is expected to be heard by the court in August while tablet case is scheduled to be heard in September, according to Peter Schütz, spokesman at the court.

Additionally, as a result of the relentless Apple-Samsung feud, the European Commission confirmed that they will make antitrust inquiries in regards to the many patent and product design suits between the tech giants, according to ArsTechnica.

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