Get your Android or Apple Device Geared Up For Super bowl XLVI

Posted on February 3, 2012 by

If you were one of those lucky ones to snag a pair of Super bowl XLVI tickets, you might want to download the NFL’s official Super bowl XLVI Guide in the Android Marketplace or the App Store, it’s free! The app integrates maps, restaurant reviews, and superbowl related social media chatter to give you everything you need for game day all in one place. Also, there is “a detailed guide to local restaurants, nightlife, and official Super Bowl events” as well as “a 3D map of Indianapolis and an interactive 3D map of Lucas Oil Stadium.” Although the app isn’t perfect — the functionality is not ideal and there have been some reported problems on a few Android devices — I would advise you to check it out and give it a chance!

Even if you will not be attending the Superbowl in person, this app may still be useful. For instance, there is a button on the top of the screen that allows Verizon devices to watch the game live on NFL mobile. If you are stuck traveling somewhere or called into work on a Sunday, this feature could be a lifesaver! Also, you can check out the social media buzz using the “Huddle” feature which is pretty neat.

I’m sure you all already have your calendars marked-off for Sunday’s Super bowl, so whether you’ll be at the game, at home on your couch, or stuck in the office, this app is is a helpful tool to have at your fingertips.

If you’re one of those people who only looking forward to the commercials — the one and only day of the year people actually enjoy watching those pesky ads — then this app is not very useful. But, for those of you who are gung-ho over the actual game, I recommend checking out the SB XLVI Guide for your mobile device or tablet.

One final note, GO GIANTS!

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