OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview Released Today

Posted on February 16, 2012 by

Good news for Mac users today, Apple has announced the release of OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion as a preview for developers.  But it seems that Apple is dropping more than the developer preview today, they are also dropping ‘Mac’ before OSX, so releases are now simply called OSX.  Released under the tagline, “Inspired by iPad. Re-imagined for Mac,” Apple’s newest OS release brings a lot of familiar functionality from iOS mobile devices to the desktop environment.  Read on to find out more about OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Some of the key features in Mountain Lion include increased iCloud support, Messages, Reminders, Notes, Notification Center, Share Sheets, Twitter, Game Center, AirPlay Mirroring and Gatekeeper.

One of the most interesting features is the new ‘Messages’ application that comes with Mountain Lion.  Say goodbye to iChat for good, because Apple is integrating all messaging functionality into this new application that allows users to communicate for free with iMessage users on mobile devices.  ”And you can start a conversation on your Mac and pick it up on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. So nothing is left unsaid.”  One of the best things about Messages is that it’s available now in Beta for OSX users to demo before Mountain Lion is officially released this summer.  Interested users can download it here.

With the inclusion of Reminders and Notes in OSX, users will have access to all their tasks and memos across all OS platforms using integrated iCloud syncing to keep it always up-to-date.

A great new feature in Mountain Lion is the inclusion of the Notification Center from iOS 5.  The Notification Center makes use of notification banners, which “appear on your desktop and disappear quickly so they don’t interrupt what you’re doing.”

Share Sheets is another feature coming from iOS that allows users to quickly share content from many applications, including Mail and Messages, links, video and even photos directly from Photo Booth.  It’s also important to mention the the social network of choice from iOS, Twitter, has made its way over to OSX as well.  With Mountain Lion, Twitter integration is deep, and allows users to quickly Tweet from “Safari, iPhoto, or Photo Booth with the new Tweet Sheet.”

Of course this is only a taste of the features that will be included in the OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion release.  Developers can download the preview today here.

What do you think of Apple pulling in so many iOS features to the desktop OS?

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