Klout for iPhone Available for Download Now

Back in February I reported on Klout’s acquisition of Blockboard, an “early-stage startup that is dedicated to reconnecting neighbors and neighborhoods.”  This acquisition had set in stone what some believed to be true for  some time based on Tweets by the startup’s founder, Joe Fernandez, teasing the possibility of a mobile Klout.  Just two months later, Klout has already used their acquisition to deliver a mobile app for iPhone. (more…)

What Does Jeremy Lin’s Social Media Impact Look Like?

Is Klout just trying to ride the Linsanity gravy train or can Jeremy Lin’s success on the court be parlayed into social media gold?  Clearly, this Linspirational story can and has been sensationalized as well as monetized, but can it be mathmetized?  Numerized?  And is Klout even the right place for the job? Read on to find out! (more…)

Klout is Taking Influence Mobile

Blockboard, a self-described “early-stage startup that is dedicated to reconnecting neighbors and neighborhoods” has been acquired by Klout in their drive to bring social influence mobile and local.  Based in San Francisco, Blockboard was “founded by a small group of product, design, and engineering vets, [and they] have raised a round of funding from some of the most respected investors in the industry.”

Klout and Blockboard announced the acquisition on their respective blogs, both seeming extremely excited about the direction the acquisition will take both companies. (more…)

Klout Gets Involved with CES in a Big Way

CES 2012 may have officially come to a close yesterday in Las Vegas, but from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, Klout is just getting started.  Klout announced on their corporate blog on January 10, the first day of CES, that they would be crowning the first ever ‘King of CES.’  This person would be selected by receiving the most “+K’s” in the Klout topic: ‘CES 2012.’

Sponsored by T-Mobile, the contest extended through yesterday, January 13th at 11:59PM PT.  And isn’t it enough, you may ask, that the King receives the respect and admiration of their peers?  No.  Says Klout.  The CES 2012 King will also receive the ultimate “T-Mobile 4G Prize Pack, including the Samsung Galaxy S II with a year of service, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and a T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot.”


Klout Celebrates a Year of Milestones and Looks to 2012

Despite Klout celebrating their 3 year anniversary in August, it really wasn’t until this past year that Klout really took off from a small start-up to making legitimate progress towards becoming “the most awesome engineering company in the world.”  Although there were some bumps in the road for Klout this year, including a host of privacy issues that caused the company to revamp the way it scores users friends on Facebook, as well as a re-tooled scoring model that caused many scores to drop several points, which caused a widespread outrage in the social media community, Klout grew up a lot in 2011.

See also: Klout Cofounder Joe Fernandez Responds To Dissatisfied Users


Klout Cofounder Joe Fernandez Responds To Dissatisfied Users

Late last month Klout released a “new scoring model with insights to help you understand changes in your influence.”  Since that time, there has been a great outpouring of complaints and dissatisfaction not only with Klout’s new scoring model, but also with privacy concerns from Klout users.

Personally, I saw an increase of about 10 points to my Klout score, but many users (to the tune of over 4,000 comments) saw significant decreases in their score via the new Klout model.  So, with founder Joe Fernandez coming out and publicly discussing the rationale behind users’ Klout scores, they must have been receiving much more negative feedback.


Klout Has My Hair Covered For Today

So I just received my first physical product sample from Klout as a perk! Axe Hold+Touch Spiking Glue! I’m excited to try this out today!

I’ll have to let everyone know how I like it!


How Influential Is Google+? Just Ask Klout.

Klout, the self-proclaimed “Standard for Online and Internet Influence” announced on September 20 the addition of Google+ to users’ Klout scores.  This announcement came alongside Google’s release of Plus to the masses.  Google+ has reached over 40 million users, up 30% since opening their doors to the public.  Remember when Google+ first came along in early July, quickly acquiring over 10 million users and becoming the fastest-growing social network of all time? How many of you had Google+ back then? How many of those have used it actively since then?

So, the question becomes, despite the sudden surge in activity and visits to the site, how long will the novelty last before people go back to facebook? Or, are people so frustrated with the recent changes, that they will shift some attention to Google+.


Klout Reaches 100 Million Users; Has Our Social Experiment Become A Numbers Game?

As is Google Chrome’s slogan, “The web is what you make of it.” Has the web simply become a new medium for shameless self-promotion and exploitation of influence via “perks?”  Just ask Joe Fernandez and Binh Tran, the co-founders of Klout, the “Standard for Influence.”  The hot new start-up recently announced that they have surpassed 100 million users.

According to the company, ”Our friendships and professional connections have moved online, making influence measurable for the first time in history. When you recommend, share, and create content you impact others. Your Klout Score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100.”

Has our web of online connectivity and limitless self-expression turned into a guise simply to unlock rewards and gain access to exclusive perks?  More after the break…